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Leiligheten stylet for salg (20.10.2018, Fornebu):

I was struggling to sell my apartment for 5 month. Megler was repeating that there is nothing wrong with apartment; however people would come for visning, but would not give a bid. Apartment was built only 2 years ago and looked like new, so I was very unhappy with situation. My friend recommended me VAKKERT HJEM  to make a design for sale and I decided to go for it (I was always skeptical about hiring designer for showings, but it was obvious, that more visnings will not help) . I ordered consultation and designer Tatjana explained me in details why apartment is still not sold. I’ve got very good description of what needs to be done, what color, what paint, she even found decorations in the shops- so the only thing I had to do – just order them.  She proposed design that was oriented for young active man as a potential buyer and… exactly this man bought apartment after first visning with re-designed apartment. I also really liked the changes(I would do the same for myself) – apartment become stylish, same time comfortable for living. If you are looking for re-designing your home or prepare it for sale- I would definitely recommend VAKKERT HJEM services.

Olga Pogorelova

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